Devin Swank (primary phlegm & guttural vocals)
Jeremy Wagner (riff-wielder & guitars)
Mike Miczek (caffeinated snare-killer & drums)
Tyler Affinito (low-end psychopath, bassist, & NOT Billy Corgan)
*Mitch Harris (back-up frenzied vocals & honorary EARTHBURNER® member)


EARTHBURNER® originally began as a new band for BROKEN HOPE’s Jeremy Wagner when BROKEN HOPE’s “hibernation period” began in 2002 and was meant to be a true successor to BROKEN HOPE, with a nod to 1989  masterpiece, “WORLD DOWNFALL” by TERRORIZER.

EARTHBURNER is named after the BROKEN HOPE song of the same name (“Earth Burner” on the Grotesque Blessings album) and was created with a mission to deliver nothing short of uncompromising grind songs tinged with afterworld bleakness and contemporary horror.

Metal news has spread worldwide on EARTHBURNER, with the band receiving exposure in REVOLVER MAGAZINE, METAL INJECTION, LOUDWIRE, THE PIT, and countless other metal magazines and sites.

Jeremy Wagner has actively written EARTHBURNER music and demoed material in various studios since the band’s inception in 2002. It has remained his priority band and has successfully built up a worldwide following.

EARTHBURNER recorded an EP in 2011 with Jeremy Wagner on guitar, vocalist, Ryan Richards, and now drummer Mike Miczek. The trio chose 3 tracks picked specifically for a 3-song EP that they recorded at Mercenary Digital Studios with studio-guru, Scott Creekmore, tracking, mixing and mastering everything.

Moreover, EARTHBURNER filmed a video for the track: “TOTAL WAR.” This video was directed by Danzig video-god, Corey Soria.

In late 2011, just as EARTHBURNER was going to be a main band, Jeremy Wagner was approached to reform BROKEN HOPE. BROKEN HOPE reformed with Wagner and Mike Miczek along for the ride. EARTHBURNER remained a priority with Jeremy Wagner and Mike Miczek actively writing and recording EARTHBURNER music and created art designs for the band as well.

In March 2023, Wagner focused on EARTHBURNER more than ever and  recorded a full-length album and more. Jeremy Wagner and Mike Miczek added bandmembers to EARTHBURNER and brought in Wagner’s stepson, Tyler Affinito, from Gloryhole Guillotine on bass.

Also, Ryan Richards parted from the band so EARTHBURNER got Devin Swank on vocals…Tyler Affinito got a message from SANGUISUGABOGG vocalist, Devin Swank, asking Tyler if he wanted to do a “grind band” and also asked, “What’s your stepdad Jeremy doing with Earthburner?”

It was at that point that Jeremy Mike, and Tyler wanted Devin Swank in their ranks and Devin enthusiastically agreed and joined the band.

Wagner, who had a pile of songs already written with Mike, booked studio time with the intent of recording a full-length album…within a month, the band began recording.

In April 2023, EARTHBURNER entered the legendary Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, Florida and recorded all of the music for their debut album there. The band then recorded all of the vocals at Hypercube Studios in Chicago. The band also brought in NAPALM DEATH guitarist/vocalist, Mitch Harris, as an “honorary member” and side-vocalist.

*EARTHBURNER were also honored by Ross Dolan of IMMOLATION and Jake Cannavale of VIXEN MAW who both contributed guest vocals to EARTHBURNER’s debut album.

The EARTHBURNER album was mixed by mixing-god Scott Creekmore (who had mixed both the EARTHBURNER EP in 2011 and the BROKEN HOPE album, MUTILATED and ASSIMILATED in 2017).

From there, the album was mastered by the legendary Mike Fuller of Fullersound in Davie, Florida.

*NOTE: There’s TWO versions of the EARTHBURNER album—one is digital and one is analog.

Mike Fuller mastered the “digital version” and Scott Creekmore mastered the “analog version.”

EARTHBURNER® is now armed with a complete album. The album title is “PERMANENT DAWN” and it will be released in November via M-THEORY AUDIO. Cover artwork by Fabrice LaVollay (Napalm Death, Brujeria, and others).

More EARTHBURNER®  news to come!